International Institute of Minerals Appraisers

P.O. Box 1123, Golden, Colorado, USA 80402

IIMA Member Directory


The following are minerals appraisers who meet the Institute's standards of education, experience, and integrity, as each is defined in the Bylaws, and who subscribe to the Code of Ethics. They hold the designation of CMA (Certified Minerals Appraiser).



A "Member Emeritus" designation is available for retired members of the Institute who continue to support the principles for which it was founded.



An "Associate Member" is a candidate for the designation of Certified Minerals Appraiser, but who has not yet met the Institute's standards of education and experience. Associate Members hold no voting rights, and must not use the CMA (Certified Minerals Appraiser) designation. However, they may state that they are Associate Members of the IIMA.



An "Affiliate" is an affiliated members of the Institute. Affiliates cannot use the title "Certified Minerals Appraiser", the acronym "CMA", or Mineral/Minerals Appraiser, and do not have the right to vote or hold office. Affiliate members also do not have the right to announce their affiliation with the Institute on professional cards, professional reports, and in testimony in court and similar venues.