International Institute of Minerals Appraisers

P.O. Box 19529, Boulder, Colorado, USA 80308


Certification Committee
2018 Chair: David Shetler,, 1-210-736-9992

Purpose: Review applicant package for completeness and technical documents submitted for certification as a Certified Minerals Appraiser. Arrange for 3-Member Ad Hoc Review Committee and assure expeditious review. Provide a written opinion of positive or negative recommendation to the Executive Committee.

Continuing Education Committee
2018 Chair: John Gustavson,, 1-303-818-5992

Purpose: Establish guidelines on courses, literature and other educational elements, which may reasonably be counted as CE units to meet Bylaw requirements. Monitor CE requirements in other associations, institutes and regulatory bodies and recommend adjustment, when needed. Provide information to all classes of members of the IIMA on the availability of courses and literature. Assist members in the maintenance of their personal record keeping of CE compliance.

Ethics Committee
2018 Chair: Bill Bagby,, 1-760-944-0913

Purpose: Review complaints in accordance with established procedure. Provide guidance to membership on courses, literature and other educational elements, which may reasonably be counted as Ethics training. Facilitate internal IIMA solicitation and contracting of paid Review Appraisers when requested by IIMA membership.

Membership and Mentoring Committee
2018 Chair: Fred Pirkle,, 1-904-471-5104

2018 Co-Chair: Rachel Vass,, 1-304-212-7900

Purpose: Oversee general membership functions for all levels of IIMA membership. Promote membership of the IIMA. Process, evaluate and approve or reject applications and qualifications for various levels of membership.

Purpose: Generate a list of mentor candidates. Facilitate exchange of methods and material successfully used by experienced mentors to new mentors. Assist Associate Members and/or their respective mentors towards determining standing for full Certification.

Newsletter Committee
2018 Chair: Matt Chapman,, 1-502-708-2287

2018 Chair: Evan Mudd,, 1-608-797-4644

Purpose: Assist the Editor (automatically the Committee Chair) with material and publication of the IIMA Newsletter.

Website Committee
2018 Chair: John Manes,, 1-480-443-3978

Purpose: Evaluate website layout/design and provide Executive Committee with recommendations. Perform updates to website as needed.